AutoDutyPRO 4.30

Professional full-featured application to manage Army duty rosters easily
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AutoDutyPRO is a professional software application that makes Army duty rosters design and management a simple and easy task. It allows you to define a Unit Alpha Roster and assign any number of soldiers to it, as well as to create as many other rosters as needed. The program will take into account all possible exemptions and scheduled training holidays and will re-calculate rosters accordingly.

This comprehensive duty roster system provides you with all the elements you need to create 100% accurate rosters any time. All you need to do is feed AutoDutyPRO with all the basic information required to manage your Unit Alpha Roster information automatically. The program will ask you to design your rosters, to assign personnel to them, to define the days and roles, to add the beginning and ending dates for each roster, as well as any exemptions you can think of (AutoDutyPRO comes with a comprehensive and customizable database of common exemptions). The program will then calculate the roster and will provide you with a memorandum sheet for you to print out, as well as a DA Form 6.

One of the beauties of this excellent program is its ability to manage complex duty rosters, and to avoid multiple rosters to conflict among them. It will manage rosters with more than one charge and runner, rosters that skip specific days or actually any kind of conflict involving your personnel and the rosters they have been assigned to. All in all, AutoDutyPRO not only saves you a lot of time when managing a large numbers of soldiers, complex rosters and exemptions, but it also produces fully accurate results, all the time.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers you all the tools you need to design and manage complex duty rosters
  • Includes various wizards to help you with specific tasks
  • Well-organized menu with a wide range of options and databases


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